Our Mandate:


​Fred Skeleton Theatre Company provides the Okanagan with shows that push boundaries, stretch limits and introduce the audience to the surprising, the strange and the wonderful.


Who is 'THE' Fred Skeleton?


Fred Skeleton was a cardboard skeleton on the kitchen wall of Artistic Director Rob Mason-Brown's university dorms.


Fred the cardboard skeleton belonged to Mr Christopher Ford and when he and Rob were looking to do a play separate from their studies, they chose the name during a night of drinking in their kitchen. Fred was later stolen by a group of nuns who stayed in the halls during the summer.


The name has stuck over the years due to it being memorable and eye catching.

Executive Board:

  • Mark Welton, President

  • Brad Hull, Vice-President

  • Rob Mason-Brown, Artistic Director

  • Richard Kerton, Treasurer

  • Bonnie Esson, Secretary

  • Vanessa J. Lomas, Okanagan Zone Club Representative

Directors at Large:
  • Heather Crown

  • Kim Fournier

  • Bill Haidei

  • Peter MacLeod

  • Shannon Mason-Brown

  • Andrew Taylor