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Our Mandate:


​Fred Skeleton Theatre Company provides the Okanagan with shows that push boundaries, stretch limits and introduce the audience to the surprising, the strange and the wonderful.

Executive Board:

  • Joe Welton, President

  • Shannon Mason-Brown, Vice-President

  • Rob Mason-Brown, Artistic Director

  • Richard Kerton, Treasurer

  • Vanessa J. Lomas, Secretary

  • Mark Welton, Past President

Members at Large:
  • Kimberley Church

  • Peter Church

  • Chantal Ethier

  • Rae Forrester

  • Bill Haidei

  • Brandon Shalansky

  • Andrew Taylor

TheatreBC Okanagan Zone Club Representative:
  • Vanessa J. Lomas

as of November 2022

Who is 'THE' Fred Skeleton?


Fred Skeleton was a cardboard skeleton on the kitchen wall of Artistic Director Rob Mason-Brown's university dorms.


Fred the cardboard skeleton belonged to Mr Christopher Ford and when he and Rob were looking to do a play separate from their studies, they chose the name during a night of drinking in their kitchen. Fred was later stolen by a group of nuns who stayed in the halls during the summer.


The name has stuck over the years due to it being memorable and eye catching.

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